About TIS

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I am the ordinary daughter of two extraordinary parents – picture Atticus Finch wed to Maria Von Trapp.

I am the youngest sibling who loves her genius brothers and sisters even though we have nothing in common besides our family tree.  They graduated in the Sciences summe cum laude.  I graduated in the Arts skinna my teeth.

I am the mother that can’t decorate a cupcake, plait hair in French braids (I can barely do a pony tail without tying my hands together) or create a picture frame with leftover aluminum foil and a package of Twizzlers.

I am the girlfriend who counts nothing in your life off limits to talk about, laugh about or cry about -sometimes all three in one sitting.  To quote one of my oldest and dearest childhood chums, “If we stop laughing, we’ll  start to cry.”

I am the churchgoer who is crazy about God and Jesus, but sometimes my fellow pew sitters just plain drive me nuts.  I’ve been told on more than one occasion the feeling is mutual.

I am the former camp counselor who never played guitar, crafted a lanyard  or used the correct nautical terms when bringing the sailboat about.  I did, however, manage to get the said sailboat’s mast stuck in the bottom of a lake… among other missteps.

I am the English teacher who chooses to use whatever verb tense necessary to get the job done – who cares if it agrees with the subject.  If ee Cummings can ignore rules of capitalization and punctuation to get his point across, I shouldn’t have to worry about conjugation.  (I am also on a long sabbatical from teaching.  This is about as rebellious as I get.)

I am the woman you see walking care free down the street unaware of the fact that her skirt is shoved into her pantyhose allowing the whole world in on her two dirty little secrets – she hasn’t bought a new pair of underwear in eight years, and cellulite is real.

I am the girl your mother warned you about.  Not because I am scandalous or provocative or even the slightest bit daring.  No, I am what she lectured you would become if you didn’t practice your viola, study your chemistry, work on your jump shot, participate in cotillion lessons or memorize your daily Scripture.

My name is Priscilla, and I am The Irreverent Sister.