July 2016

Brunch on the Big Green Egg

by Priscilla on July 5, 2016

A few weekends ago, I channeled my inner Joyce (Joyce is my mother who at 80 makes Martha Stewart, Katie Brown and Sandra Lee look like lazy amateurs.) and decided at the last minute it was a great morning to whip up brunch. Most of my ideas are last minute since the last time I made a list was in 1989. I penned a list of goals in the back of my high school scrapbook. According to that list, by this time in my life I should hosting a major network news morning show, married with two kids and an MBA to boot. Currently, I’m between employment gigs, single and the closest I’ve gotten to an MBA was supporting my husband while he got his only to be told when he was done, that we were done too. I did get the two kids though…at one time…on only my second try…so in the whole fertility department, I guess you could say I’m an overachiever.

It was a beautiful, warm, sunny morning. My kids were playing outside, and the man I’ve been seeing was busy fixing something around the house. (Yes, you read that correctly, but let’s not get overexcited about TIS’s personal life because this is a post about food not romance. Besides romance over 40 when you both have kids isn’t the stuff people are clamoring to read more of. It’s varicose veins meets Mylanta really.) I thought it was a good a day as any to try something new like grilling brunch instead of baking, boiling, broasting or broiling it. And I have to admit, much to my surprise, it all turned out quite nicely.

I won’t bore you with too many more words when pictures tell the story:

  1.  I found a bag of potatoes that was a day or two away from turning into that bag of potatoes so I knew it was time to use them or lose them. (You know the one you discover sprouting an entire potato field in the corner of a forgotten kitchen cupboard and smelling not unlike the inside of a diaper pail) I ran them all through my food processor, threw in some chopped garlic, added a few TBSPs of olive oil and dashed all of it with kosher salt and pepper.uncooked-hash-browns
  2. Then I whipped up some eggs and milk and added some ranch from a half used packet of Ranch seasoning. Why? Because it was there. I think I threw some of it on the potatoes too, but don’t quote me. (And I wonder why Food and Wine isn’t banging down my door.)
  3. Digging through my fridge, I managed to come up with enough ingredients for a cheese omelet, a western omelet, a Greek omelet or a kitchen sink omelet.assembling-omelet-toppings-for-big-green-egg
  4. I warmed up the grill to about 300 – 350 degrees F and put my potatoes in the center in a vegetable grilling dish, and cooked them for about 20 -25 minutes, stirring them up once or twice.
  5. Hash-browns-finished-productThe grill was about 250 degrees F at this point (By the way, I left the top off the Egg the entire process.), and I put three cast iron skillets a la Goldilocks style on it for about a minute to warm them up.Warming-cast-iron-pans-on-big-green-egg
  6. I poured in the egg mixture and had everyone add their cheese/s of choice.beginning-of-omelet-on-big-green-egg7. I let that cook for maybe two minutes then had everyone add the rest of their ingredients and waited until the centers started to bubble before flipping them. big green egg omelets8. Some I flipped successfully….First-flip-on-omelet-on-big-green-egg9. …others not so much. The unsuccessful flip was mine, though, and everyone knows that Mom’s omelet really doesn’t matter, and I was just happy not to be eating Cheerios over the kitchen sink.Greek-omelet-on-Big-Green-egg10. I’d show you photos of my great serving style, but since we ate on a card table in the driveway using my best plasticware, I think you get the drift. With my life it’s either great food or a fancy table, no one’s getting BOTH until the kids are out of the house.

So there it is. You don’t need a Big Green Egg to make omelets on the grill, (But I have to give it a plug and say I love mine!)  Try grilling brunch with your friends or family this summer. Play around with ingredients and have fun. The omelets were done in 7-8 minutes. My only suggestion is stick close and check often on the eggs especially.



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