Love Wins…and next time try Forking instead of TPing.

by Priscilla on May 10, 2015

Twins A, B, their Thinks She’s A Triplet Friend and I pulled out of our drive way this morning, and headed to church down our quiet, idyllic street that’s coming alive with the full blooms of spring. Our neighborhood this time of  year looks like something out of a Town and Country magazine. Except for our house….our house looks like the Addams family moved in and set up shop.

Dandelion Manor

I’m trying to start a national campaign called, “All the cool kids purposefully grow dandelions in their front yards.”

We passed our neighbor’s house two doors down and much to my dismay, I saw it was covered, and I mean COVERED in toilet paper. My heart sank. Not because kids pull pranks. (Although, has the younger generation never heard of forking? Seriously, it’s much more fun. You can spell out messages. It leaves a mess owners can clean up in a snap, and bonus, someone gets a lot of free plasticware for upcoming summer fetes.) But because I know the owner is a single mom who, while a gracious, successful professional, raising beautiful, talented daughters, has walked a path similar to mine and doesn’t deserve a Mother’s Day gift such as this.

By unanimous vote, it was decided our cars’ occupants would return from church to help clean up the mess. By clean up, I mean the girls would go over with trash bags, and I would  write about it.

Ironically, the pastor’s sermon today reminded me that the phrase God helps those who help themselves isn’t found in the Bible…anywhere. Be Kind to One Another is. Along with Forgive One Another. Comfort One Another. And Encourage One Another. We aren’t supposed to do this thing called Life alone. One Another, People. One Another. 

So, while TIS in her natural impulsive state wanted to write and tweet word like dumbass, dips***s and d-bags about whoever did this to my neighbor’s house, the Good Thing She Went To Church This Morning, TIS decided it better to use this opportunity to show her kids how the whole Love Thy Neighbor thing works. Did I mention while at church, the clouds opened and poured forth rain…much rain? The kind of rain that can really discourage an owner of a  TP’ed house that much more.

So, they came home, changed, and headed down the street… Love thy neighbor

where they commenced to Love One Another.

My faith story ends with Love Wins. Sometimes folks on my team, myself included, get caught up in that final scene with all its glory and trumpets (literally) that we forget our Leader expects us to practice up with little Love Wins scenes each and every day, and tells us He isn’t coming back until we’ve spread the message of Love to everyone, everywhere.

And sometimes, that starts with our neighbors…the literal ones.

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Tammy May 10, 2015 at 10:11 pm

Ugh. Amateurs.


Priscilla May 10, 2015 at 11:08 pm

Agree! I feel we need to educate the younger generation about the forgotten art of forking.


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