December 2013

Moms and Sons

by Priscilla on December 13, 2013

Hey, I have a question for you moms with sons – if you have daughters as well do you treat them differently?  Let me be more specific about some things I notice from my friends with moms with boys, and please understand I am not being critical although I can tell you my mother has a very different relationships with her sons that she does with us daughters – not better or worse, just different.

A few years ago when my girls were in kindergarten I noticed a lot of us with girls dropped them off in the curb and watch them skip into school on their own.  I noticed moms with boys tended to walk them in carrying their backpacks. If I happened to be in the school, I’d see them hanging up the backpacks and getting everything out for the boys.  I asked one mom about it and she said, “If I didn’t do this, nothing would make it into the classroom.”  Made sense to me, but then I thought, At what point to we let them fail and let them figure out they need to get their crap into their bag and into class? After all, failure is a great teacher. I know that’s not a popular thought, but let’s face it, it’s true in many cases.

I’m sure that’s true, and in my ed classes I’d often read about boys being behind girls on things such as organization skills during their early childhood years. They tend to catch up developmentally by mid elementary.  (The same goes for reading for you moms fretting over your young son’s reading abilities. Most likely, he’s fine.)

Now I’m noticing in talking with moms of sons or looking at their FB postings they seem to be much more glowing over their sons than daughters. Their sons in their view seem to be funny and witty. Their daughters drive them nuts or are too moody.

Again, please understand I am not being critical, but I am being curious. Are we moms perpetuating some of the stereotypes of girls and women by holding to them ourselves? Are we unwittingly shaping our daughters’ views of themselves as women and of all women, by making such comments?   Are we setting up our girls to be frustrated spouses by catering to the needs and whims of our sons more so than our daughters?  I don’t know the answer. I’m just asking. If you spend time with me at all you know I am always asking.

These are simply observations. I haven’t quantified my data. Science fair is over for the year, and I sure as heck ain’t doing another one for another 12 months so don’t ask. Am I seeing something that isn’t there or being hyper critical?

Maybe we can start a dialogue here.

Comments?  (Dads, you are more than welcome to join the conversation. I’m an equal opportunity arguer, I mean debater, I mean listener with a very open mind.  Heck, I don’t care who you are. If you have an opinion or observation, please share it!)


Missing Advent Dolls Alert!

by Priscilla on December 4, 2013

Aaaaccck!  I’ve unpacked all the Christmas crap, and I can’t find my favorite gal pals!


I’ve looked everywhere to no avail. I’m not sure, but I think these two have something to do with it….


There will be aggressive questioning soon. Stay tuned!


A “Keepin’ It Real” Christmas

by Priscilla on December 2, 2013

‘Tis the  season to Tweet, Instagram, Blog and Facebook perfect trees, perfect families and perfect food.  I decided a long time ago that since I can’t compete, I might as well be honest about it. So here are a few pictures from our Irreverent Household giving you an idea of what things are like around here as we unpack all our Christmas crap in order to welcome Baby Jesus into the world.



First, we kicked off the season with the festive and jolly Kids with the Mothman shot taken in my husband’s hometown of Point Pleasant, WV. Instead of matching sweaters, we decided to go with the Twin A has no shoes photo. When we stopped to shove the kids out of the car to take this, she said, “But, I don’t have my shoes on!” To which Mr. TIS stated, “It’s West Virginia. No one will notice.”

Here we are back home ready to decorate!


Yes, that is a giant dog bed in the middle of it all. We have our priorities, people!



Like the dining room?  I call it “The cat’s been in the tree wrestling the lights, and there aren’t enough hours in the day to unpack all the Christmas Spode dinnerware my mother-in-law gave me last year, so here, kids- have a jug of milk for breakfast!” look.



I guess A got this idea from all the Elf On The Shelf photos floating around out there.  Forget the elf costume – Beat Navy!

Finally, happy birthday to my sister, Celeste. She’s always had my back, and she’s just an all around good person and wonderful role model for me.