Prayers Over My Daughters

by Priscilla on October 30, 2013

Dear God,

There are a lot of things written in the Bible about women that don’t always make sense to me. (Like St. Paul telling a gaggle of gals to pipe down.) We humans like to quibble and quarrel over the “role” of women a lot, and the older I grow in You, and more in love I fall with You, I sense you delight in women like nothing else that you created. I could be wrong, but there’s something special about being the last thing You shaped – the exclamation point if You will.  God, You made me curious so I’m curious about all the various women talked about in the Bible. Their stories are there for all of us to acknowledge, learn, examine and debate -the ones with the leading roles, and the ones who played bit parts. They once lived and moved and had their being here on the earth you made for them to  enjoy -the same earth I now share with my daughters. Thank you for these women’s stories, for in them I have formed a prayer- a special gift of blessings over the two beautiful girls you’ve given to me who have changed my life for the better in ways too numerous to count.

 Dear God, may my daughters be as courageous as Vashti who stood firm against her powerful husband refusing to degrade herself only for the pleasure of a roomful of drunken men. She paid a price, but there is nothing about her story that shows weakness.

Dear God, may my daughters display the cunningness of Esther who didn’t jump the the gun, but who waited and watched and laid the perfect trap for the enemy of your people.

Dear God, may my daughters listen and hear and judge with the wisdom bestowed upon your servant Deborah. May they grab the reins when others are too frightened or unwilling. May they lead with dignity and grace, and may their leadership show those around them the path to You. 

Dear God, may my daughters not falter under pressure. May they be like Rahab with the Poker Face – shrewdly able to do the right thing without giving up victims. Lord, there are so many victims in this world. Use my daughters to protect them.

Dear God, may my daughters, like Jael,  seize opportunity to defeat evil.  

Dear God, may my daughters practice the prayerful habits of Hannah, and may they pass those habits onto their children and their children’s children.

Dear God, if my daughters choose to marry, may they be partnered like Priscilla and Aquila, supporting and advancing your work here on earth. And God, may they bless their mother-in-law the way Ruth blessed Naomi.

Dear God, if you bestow upon them the gift of motherhood, may they never claim to have all the answers to all of the questions. May they, like Mary, observe and ponder. 

Dear God, may my daughters be able think quickly on their feet and solve problems as did your servant Miriam. May they always care for the welfare of each other and and each other’s families.

Dear God, may my daughters, like Anna long to see you. May they study the Scriptures with her devotion and love, and may they inherit her faith in our Messiah.

Dear God, when the trials hit them hard, thrashing their souls about like reeds in a hurricane, may my daughters cry out to You, and may You find them as you found your servant Hagar in the wilderness, and may you bless them with all manner of blessing you have for them.

Dear God, when their health fails, and when they have no where else to turn, may they, like the nameless, forgotten, abandoned woman, have the faith to touch your robe, and receive the power You have to heal them.

Dear God, may my daughters not only possess the business acumen of Lydia but also her servant’s heart, looking around them always to see how they can help the church and its people, and not the other way around. 

Dear God, may my daughters learn the delicate balance between the being of Mary and the serving of Martha. 

Dear God, may my daughters be sensitive spiritually to warnings you send as was Pilate’s wife, and may they be brave enough to speak up to what is right no matter the power structures surrounding them.

God, there are many others from Abigail to the Widow of Zarephath.  Women who fill the pages of the book that tells the story of your love for us -a  book I must admit I wrestle with, pray over, cry about and rejoice in. Thank you, God,  for these women and their stories. May my daughters live such lives in You, that if the Bible were still being written today, their names would be recorded as women who bore your image well. May You delight in them and they in You. May their works be as a pleasing fragrance, and may their songs of praises fill your royal kingdom both on earth and in heaven.








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Jason October 30, 2013 at 10:55 am


May all daughters see this! And may it be a blessing and an encouragement and a challenge to learn about the amazing women in the Word!!

I love this.


Loretta Hiatt July 25, 2016 at 2:10 pm

Just lovely Priscilla. I would like to copy this for my Bible Study group. You are so like your mom. Tell her I said Hi!.


Denise Schwartz October 30, 2013 at 1:10 pm

…and may all daughters understand that in “submitting to their husband” they are not becoming a second class citizen, but rather recognizing Your anointed plan of leadership and may they choose wisely the one to whom they will be required to submit for if he loves them as Christ loved the Church, they will delight in submitting.


Kay October 30, 2013 at 3:31 pm

Thank you! What a blessing is this prayer as I pray for all my girls too.


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