Dear Dixie Cups

by Priscilla on August 31, 2012

To:  All you nice folks over at Dixie Cups and Plates

From: Misfit Mom

Re:  Time for what’s Really Important ad campaign


First of all, Dixie Inc., well, Georgia Pacific to be exact, I would like to thank you for your throw-away dish product line.  I especially am fond of the small cups littering my bathroom floor thanks to my children creating tiny swimming pools for their doll house characters. However, I think that you are woefully missing the mark on this latest advertising campaign of Giving You More Time to focus on What’s Really Important. As I’ve stated, I use your products, but I don’t buy those perky moms in your commercials who through toothy grins exclaim, I use Dixie because it allows me to spend more time on what really matters….my family!  Sir’s and Ma’ams, I use Dixie paper products because I am dog tired, and it’s all that gosh darn quality time I spend with my family that exhausts me in the first place.  

 Today I spent quality time with one daughter in the doctor’s office getting a strep test.  She aced it! This led to more quality time together at the pharmacy.  Later, my little family spent another hour on our hands and knees together in the bedroom digging 45 My Little Pony dolls out from under the beds along with large wadded up balls of Scotch tape, 37 small decorative river rocks and ironically, more little Dixie cups that apparently were used as pony watering troughs. This task had to be completed before I could run the vacuum without damaging it beyond repair.

 Oh, and then there was the trip to the store for, believe it or not, those great little Dixie cups with lids.  Your toothy TV moms were even more excited about these cups than your plates, and as promised, they did give me more teachable moments with my offspring.  On the way home from the store, my children discovered how to tattoo themselves with a permanent marker left in the back seat of the car.  This led to another 45 minutes of unity in the bathroom scrubbing away the ink until their skin was raw. 

 All in all, Dixie, you saved me enough time today to read Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus 11 more times than normal tonight at bedtime. So,  thank you again for your product line, but if it’s all the same to you, tomorrow I’m going to break out the wedding china.  I could use a few minutes alone at the kitchen sink. And next time why don’t you try speaking the language of real moms in your commercials? Something along the lines of  Use Dixie….Then Maybe You Can Take a Nap. 

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