Brunch on the Big Green Egg

by Priscilla on July 5, 2016

A few weekends ago, I channeled my inner Joyce (Joyce is my mother who at 80 makes Martha Stewart, Katie Brown and Sandra Lee look like lazy amateurs.) and decided at the last minute it was a great morning to whip up brunch. Most of my ideas are last minute since the last time I made a list was in 1989. I penned a list of goals in the back of my high school scrapbook. According to that list, by this time in my life I should hosting a major network news morning show, married with two kids and an MBA to boot. Currently, I’m between employment gigs, single and the closest I’ve gotten to an MBA was supporting my husband while he got his only to be told when he was done, that we were done too. I did get the two kids though…at one time…on only my second try…so in the whole fertility department, I guess you could say I’m an overachiever.

It was a beautiful, warm, sunny morning. My kids were playing outside, and the man I’ve been seeing was busy fixing something around the house. (Yes, you read that correctly, but let’s not get overexcited about TIS’s personal life because this is a post about food not romance. Besides romance over 40 when you both have kids isn’t the stuff people are clamoring to read more of. It’s varicose veins meets Mylanta really.) I thought it was a good a day as any to try something new like grilling brunch instead of baking, boiling, broasting or broiling it. And I have to admit, much to my surprise, it all turned out quite nicely.

I won’t bore you with too many more words when pictures tell the story:

  1.  I found a bag of potatoes that was a day or two away from turning into that bag of potatoes so I knew it was time to use them or lose them. (You know the one you discover sprouting an entire potato field in the corner of a forgotten kitchen cupboard and smelling not unlike the inside of a diaper pail) I ran them all through my food processor, threw in some chopped garlic, added a few TBSPs of olive oil and dashed all of it with kosher salt and pepper.uncooked-hash-browns
  2. Then I whipped up some eggs and milk and added some ranch from a half used packet of Ranch seasoning. Why? Because it was there. I think I threw some of it on the potatoes too, but don’t quote me. (And I wonder why Food and Wine isn’t banging down my door.)
  3. Digging through my fridge, I managed to come up with enough ingredients for a cheese omelet, a western omelet, a Greek omelet or a kitchen sink omelet.assembling-omelet-toppings-for-big-green-egg
  4. I warmed up the grill to about 300 – 350 degrees F and put my potatoes in the center in a vegetable grilling dish, and cooked them for about 20 -25 minutes, stirring them up once or twice.
  5. Hash-browns-finished-productThe grill was about 250 degrees F at this point (By the way, I left the top off the Egg the entire process.), and I put three cast iron skillets a la Goldilocks style on it for about a minute to warm them up.Warming-cast-iron-pans-on-big-green-egg
  6. I poured in the egg mixture and had everyone add their cheese/s of choice.beginning-of-omelet-on-big-green-egg7. I let that cook for maybe two minutes then had everyone add the rest of their ingredients and waited until the centers started to bubble before flipping them. big green egg omelets8. Some I flipped successfully….First-flip-on-omelet-on-big-green-egg9. …others not so much. The unsuccessful flip was mine, though, and everyone knows that Mom’s omelet really doesn’t matter, and I was just happy not to be eating Cheerios over the kitchen sink.Greek-omelet-on-Big-Green-egg10. I’d show you photos of my great serving style, but since we ate on a card table in the driveway using my best plasticware, I think you get the drift. With my life it’s either great food or a fancy table, no one’s getting BOTH until the kids are out of the house.

So there it is. You don’t need a Big Green Egg to make omelets on the grill, (But I have to give it a plug and say I love mine!)  Try grilling brunch with your friends or family this summer. Play around with ingredients and have fun. The omelets were done in 7-8 minutes. My only suggestion is stick close and check often on the eggs especially.



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I whipped the SUV into the church parking lot and drove a little too quickly over the bump intended to impede speedy parishioners.

Ok, I’m dropping you off at the front door, I barked to Twins A and B. Just go in, get the mic, talk to Michelle about the order of service and sit and wait for me in the front row.  I’ll park the car and be in, in a few.  Don’t grab your name tags. We don’t have time.

Less than 12 hours earlier the three of us had sat on the couch in our living reviewing what we were to share during the lighting of the Advent candles – a lovely  liturgy this time of year. But there’s nothing lovely and liturgical about me when it comes Scripture reading in front of a crowd. I morph into the Joan Crawford of Advent Candle Lighting Ceremonies.  I lectured Twin A for racing through her passage and admonished Twin B for ignoring commas. The commas are there for a reason! I coached. And, we are supposed to come up with something to add here about love.  You HAVE to say something about God and Jesus because it’s CHURCH. You can’t just throw the word ‘LOVE’ around without mentioning God. 

Yeah. Pretty sure God was shaking His head at that lovely display of parental encouragement.

We finished rehearsing our parts and I said, By the way, here’s what we are doing for the Christmas Eve service. We might as well take a look now and run through it once.

We worked our way through Isaiah 53 and then called it a night.

Fast forward to the part where I was shoving my kids off at the front door.

I parked the car, raced into church and then commenced with the ever so awkward run/walk to the front row as the pastor uttered words about entering into worship. It was then that Twin A alerted me to the program and said, Michelle changed some things around. We go up and read here, and then you go up again and read your second reading. 

She handed me a black readers theater notebook. I was staring at the Isaiah 53 reading.

My second reading? What do you mean my second reading?

This one from Isaiah.  I don’t know, Mom! Twin A hissed back. She wrote it down here.

I looked around for the worship leader then run/walked over to her, trying to attract the least amount of attention a run/walker attracts during the prelude music.

Michelle, I whispered from the pew behind her. Twin A tells me I’m supposed to read from Isaiah? I thought Isaiah was for Christmas Eve. I’m not ready to read Isaiah!

Michelle turned and said in a calming voice, Don’t worry about it. There are four of you reading. You are Reader #2. You’ll be fine.

I put on my best smile and run/walked back to my front row seat as the organist was pumping out the last notes of the prelude.

Oh, Jesus, I whispered. I have no idea what I’m doing, but just use me. Get me out of the way of blowing any message you want people to hear this morning.

And God obliged as He often does when it comes to getting His message out.  Twin A and B performed beautifully, mentioning God and Jesus in the same sentence as Love as their insane mother demanded, and we all managed to light the Advent candles without burning the place down. I sighed to myself. One down, one to go.  I thought, and began looking over my Isaiah 53 script that I was to recite in less than three minutes.

But because God isn’t always into scripted things, God wasn’t done. No. God looks down at hysterical run/walking mamas who say such ridiculous things to their children as Listen to me! You have to mention Jesus when you talk about LOVE because it’s CHURCH! and says, Oh, honey,  you aren’t getting off that easily.

Not only was I not prepared for the reading from a very odd prophet name Isaiah,  I wasn’t prepared for was the next part of the service.

Our very new and very brave pastors have taken to an open mic time for praises and prayer requests. Those of you out there in church land know that open mics at church are like the Wild West of Theology. No one knows what will come out of people’s mouths. My lot is cast with the Methodists now, and Methodists are a pretty subdued bunch so things don’t get too titillating.

But,  I don’t go to a typical Methodist Church.

I sat and listened as an older gentleman wept thanking the Lord for his new bride. People shared concerns about loved ones in the hospital and thanking God for bringing visitors to our midst.

A lovely saint stood and thanked God for marriages and for her friends’ who were celebrating 50 years together and challenged all of us to pray for marriages.

And then the Holy Spirit grabbed me and said It’s show time.

And I said, Holy Spirit, sit down and shut up.

And the Holy Spirit said, Make me. 

And I said, I’m very good at ignoring God. I’ve had 44 years of experience. 

The next thing I knew I was leaning over to Twin A and saying, Do you care if I say something about the divorce? And Twin A was replying, That’s fine, Mom.

And I raised my hand.

And I stood.

And I looked out at the people of my church.

And somewhere out of that created space we cannot see – that mysterious place from which words, good and bad, come – words started to tumble out. Not words that were written or rehearsed or repeated. Not powerful words that were pondered over, edited, written, erased and written again.

But simple words. Grateful words. Love Words.

Last year at this time, I was going through a divorce after 20 years of marriage. I didn’t know how I was going to do it financially or emotionally. I worried about my girls. But you were all here for me. My eyes started to well up with tears.

The church stared back at me. It was quiet.

Oh, Holy Spirit, I could just kill you! I thought.

They tried that on the cross years ago.  It didn’t work, the Holy Spirit laughed back.

I don’t know where I’d be without this church, I continued.  Without my Sunday school class.  Without Lori and the DivorceCare group. God carried me, and He did it through you. You prayed for me. You prayed for the girls’ father, and I realize  now it’s going to be okay. The girls’ Dad is going to be okay. He’s a great dad to them. He and I are friends. The girls are doing okay because of the love all of you have given all of us over the last year. I was wiping my eyes as quickly as I could, imagining the great lines of mascara careening down my cheeks.

And people started nodding. And people started crying.

And I know there are those of you out there who have been through this, and those who are going through this, and I just want you to know, that God has your back. And the people here at this church have your back.

And someone started to clap. And then someone else clapped. And I just looked out at the people whose love carried me back from the darkest, most jagged of brinks these past 365 days, and they were smiling and nodding and clapping.

The pastor repeated the line about God having my back. We sang a Christmas Carol. I along with three others walked up to the stage where the reading of  Isaiah 53 went off without a hitch,  I returned to my seat on the front row with my girls

and I looked down and saw this….Communion

The carpet in front of me lay riddled with stains from communion wine. I sat staring at the remnants from those moments when folks dip the bread in the chalice and walk away dripping the representation of the blood of Christ poured out for us onto the carpet.

And I smiled.

I dashed into church this morning thinking all that I needed to get through was lighting a few candles and quoting a few scriptures and demanding my daughters mention Jesus and Love in the same sentence because dammit, it was church!

But God didn’t want me to get through anything. God asked me to join Him in a Love Moment using Love Words.

Communion is Church. And Church is Communion. And God wants us to share it all with Him and with One Another. The Wedding Feasts. The Baby’s Birth. The Divorce. The Cancer. The Job Promotion. The Job Lost. The Mountain Top Experience and the Great Tumble Down off the Wagon. He is there when we joyfully take the cup and then run off and make a mess of things not three feet from the altar.

One by one after church people I’d never spoken to came up and shared their stories with me of divorce and heartache. So many older people who said, It’s not over, and their shared their stories of The Great Death and then The Great Redemption. I gave and received so many hugs and kisses. I cried. A grown man told me of his parents’ divorce when he was a child and assured me that he was okay because his parents loved him, and that my girls would be okay because they had parents who loved them. I wept. I heard over and over, Priscilla, you are so brave to share that.

But I wasn’t brave. I’m really not! I kept saying, I just wanted you all to know how much you all did for me and the girls. I just wanted you all to know that you carried me and that I love you.

And that is Advent. And that is Communion. And that is the story of Christmas. It’s the story of a baby who came into a big mess that we made ourselves and who drew us not only to Him but also to One Another. And then that baby grew up and offered Himself as a Sacrifice. And when He left he said, I’m coming back, but in the mean time, take care of one another because this world is going to beat you down.

Turns out I was right when I told my girls they had to mention God when they talked about Advent Love, but not because we were standing within the walls of the church where it is right and good and churchy, to talk about God, but because it is the Truth. Love watches over us when we eagerly grab the cup and say, I’m right there with you God, and it doesn’t leave us when we run from the altar leaving a mess of wine stains in our wake. It binds us together in word and in deed, and if Love had a face, it would be my church.



Some Lessons in Divorcing Well

by Priscilla on September 13, 2015

Hey, Aunt Priscilla, I just called to see how you were doing. The voice at the other end of the phone belonged to my now 20something nephew – the former towhead whom I used to babysit. And how are the girls?

My heart melted. He’d heard the news of my divorce and called to check on his cousins. You have to understand something – my family is huge….and, well…odd. Odd doesn’t even begin to cut it. We make odd look like Chevrolet, Baseball and Apple Pie.  We aren’t touchy, feely, gift givingy, let’s all take a cruise togethery.

But we are loyal. Fiercely loyal.

This is why a 20something single,  living in the big city, nephew took a moment to call his 40something newly divorced aunt from a small town to check on her…and her kids.

Humbled by the call, I held back the tears and listened to his advice. Just don’t talk about their dad in front of them, okay? He advised. And don’t let them know everything that’s going on. I knew way too much.

A girlfriend reminded me often, You call me anywhere, anytime you need to let it out. Just don’t put it on those girls. She knew from experience what happened to kids caught in the middle, and she was determined to have my girls’ back.

So I called her. A lot. For years I’d held back so much anger and fear and frustration that the bubbling volcano in me started to slowly spill out until it finally erupted and the tears and the grief that started with a slow trickle seemed to completely envelope me for days…and weeks…and months.

I knew what grieving looked like, and I knew I needed to walk this path through the valley of the shadow of death, but I also knew I there was no way in hell I was dragging my kids along beside me. I had adult friends who stood at the end of the dark tunnel cheering me on. The key word here is adult.

I can’t remember the exact moment the mental turn around began, but I do remember being keenly aware that I’d turned a corner. And then another. And another. And another. Until last week one of my biggest supporters and truest friends smiled at me and said, I feel like you are back. You’re back!

I get a lot of I don’t know how you do it‘s. I tell them I don’t do it. I have God and my tribe holding me up, and you know the old adage Fake it til you make it? Oh, honey, that is emblazoned across my psyche now…because it works. Here are some other things that work when dealing with divorce, and I want to share them the way my friends and family shared their wisdom with me.

  1. Remind yourself that when things were good, they were really good, and that you picked your partner using the best information you were given at the time. Don’t beat yourself for marrying who you did, when you did.
  2. Don’t take their faults personally. Your ex’s faults are his or hers to own. Own yours not theirs.
  3. Remember that somewhere down the road you might want to start another relationship, and no one wants to be in a relationship with a bitter, complaining old hag so you better darn well guard yourself against becoming that stereotype.
  4. Give yourself time to grieve and plenty of it. Don’t shove it down. Don’t bitch and moan. Just grieve. A friend told me, Divorce isn’t like death, it’s like an amputation. You will be walking around with its scar the rest of your life, but it’s only a scar. You can go on living with scars. (And a word of advice to well meaning friends, grief looks different to everyone. Don’t ever tell your divorcing friends how they should or shouldn’t be grieving. Ever. Unless you’ve walked the path, you simply don’t understand.)
  5. Recognize, in time, if you handle the situation correctly, your ex can be an ally.  All the great things about him or her that you loved so much are still there. Their strengths are still their strengths. It’s just that, in your relationship, the weaknesses glare, and this can blind you from the road ahead. Don’t let that glare hinder the big picture. The former Mr. TIS is still my biggest cheerleader when it comes to my writing, and he encourages me to get out and date because he knows I have a lot to offer. The other day he told me, You’re hot and smart and funny. Do you how rare that combination is around here?
  6. If you want things to go smoothly for your children, make sure your friends know no one has to choose sides. They can invite you both to the same parties – especially the get togethers with parents at school – and you will behave because you are respectable, responsible adults.  What happened between my ex-husband and me is between my ex husband and me. Not my ex husband and me and the neighbors. I was talking spring break plans with a friend who said,  And Priscilla, you know Tony can come too if you are okay with that. He’s still our friend too. I smiled to myself not because I want to vacation with my ex, but because that statement meant that the both of us handled things correctly.
  7. If you are the one who files, give the other the chance to process the news. I know you can’t get out of there fast enough, but trust me, a little patience will go a long way in the long run. I will forever be grateful to Mr. TIS for not rushing things. While he wanted to be over and done with quick and easy in 60 days, I told him I wasn’t going to fight him on anything, but to please give me time to think clearly, to deal with all my emotions in a healthy manner and to map out my future alone. He acquiesced, and the result was, in time, we sat down, hashed our agreement out without the “help” from expensive attorneys and worked with a mediator who told us she wished all divorcing couples acted the way we did. (I know all divorces are different, and in this case I’m not talking about someone whose life is in danger or whose situation dictates he or she gets out ASAP.)
  8. If you have children, and if you are able, have a meal together every once in a while as a family…because you still are. I am still the mother. He is still the father. And and B are still our children. Our.Children. That will never change. Ever. And if you start dating, and the other person doesn’t get it, then that person doesn’t have your best interest or the interest of your children at heart so rethink that relationship.
  9. If the in-laws want to remain in touch, remain in touch. My SIL was my college roommate which is how I met and married her brother. I knew his whole family a year before I met him. Divorce crushes them as well. They all hurt too. It’s taken some time, but I’m ready to do things with them again because they will always be my family. My girls love, love, love their cousins and aunts and uncles so why on earth make it difficult for them to be with them? The way I see it, the more adults my kids have in their lives loving on them, the better. (Again, I’m not speaking to people in abusive or manipulative situations. Go with your gut and protect your kids. There are some awful in-laws out there.)
  10. Which brings me to the last…be the nicest ex ever to the person who is replacing your role. The day will come when I have to allow another woman into my girls’ lives because Mr. TIS is a man, and let’s face it, men can’t remain alone forever. He and I have already discussed timelines for introducing the girls to significant others, and we both agreed we will be nothing but supportive in those relationships because, based on our behavior through the divorce, we trust each other to make the best decisions when it comes to our daughters. I am not competing with this woman for anyone’s affections. I’ve worked through my insecurities and have come through stronger and bolder so another woman in my daughters’ lives isn’t intimidating. In fact, I relish the idea that maybe she can bring something else to the table that I don’t. Another strong female role model for them to emulate? What a huge blessing.

Make no mistake, divorce is disruptive and painful and just so gawd-awful sad. But it isn’t the end. It doesn’t have to be bitter, and hateful and malicious. You are an adult, behave like one, and in the end good things will come your way because you created the path for them to find you.



23.) I’m okay with never seeing or tasting another chicken nugget or serving of mac and cheese. I cannot emphasize this point enough.

24.)  When it comes to setting up a tent, I still have no idea what I’m doing which is ironic considering I worked at a camp. (Yes, there were stakes and poles left over when I set the darn things up,  and, yes, I did patch up a hole with construction paper and duct tape. But no one smothered to death or was stung by mosquitoes now were they?)

25.) Making friendship bracelets only leads me to curse. If God wants us to wear string around our wrists, He never would have invented gold jangly bracelets…which, by the way, I wear very well.

26.) Boys cabins are still gross.

blog post 8:11

27.) Warped minds come up with the best camp games.

blog post 8:11-2

Yes, you are looking at a young man sliding through oatmeal, jello, pudding and gravy while his friends beat him with a noodle. But, hey, they aren’t glued to their electronics now are they?

28.) Nothing makes me happier than seeing girls working together.

blog post 8:11-3

29.) When I’d leave my phone somewhere, lots of images like this would appear.

blog post 8:11-4

30.) But I needed that phone to take pictures of lists like this one…because I was always forgetting lists or dropping lists or losing lists or ignoring lists. I suck at lists.

blog post 8:11-5

Speaking up lists, my list of Things I Won’t Do With My Vagina is now at 6,948.

31.) When your children tell you there’s a mouse in the cabin, and you blow them off and tell them they are just hearing chipmunks in the walls and ceilings (because THAT’s so much better), you learn sometimes it pays to listen. Especially when you find said mouse dead under your bed on the very last day of camp….four weeks after they told you they heard a mouse.

32.) Experts be damned, lots of little boys still love playing dodgeball…especially if noodles are involved. Please don’t ask me how or why the noodles are involved. Suffice it to say  big boys are directing the little boys so….

blog post 8:11-6

33.) Bug spray without DEET is worthless. Forget Skin So Soft or homemade natural concoctions. If it doesn’t have DEET, it won’t work.  Yes, I know all the warnings about DEET; I’m just saying that I was outside 67 days straight all day, every day so I have a clue. Don’t shoot the messenger.

Now that I think about it, I’m being a little unreasonable about some of my non vagina related activities so I’m back to 6,945.

34.) Tie Dye is still all the rage.


35.) Buddy Checks are a bane of any waterfront director’s existence…still…25 years later. Seriously, kids. Remember your friggin’ number and yell it when called upon. It’s not that difficult.

36.) I build a mean campfire…sans lighter fluid…the millennials needed lighter fluid.

37.) This girl hasn’t spotted a mic she doesn’t like. We were told more than once that we looked like mother and daughter. So we lied to a few campers on Honesty Day (of all days) and told them we were mother and daughter. I’d like to think she got her stage presence from me.

blog post 8:11-7

38.) Sunrises have the same effect on me as sunsets.

blog post 8:11-9

39.) Old campers, like old students, show up at just the right time to remind you that the work you did years ago mattered. It really did.

blog post 8:11-12

40.) And one of them returned with an original gift from the heart.

blog post 8:11 - 10

Which leads to…

41.) Campers make me all kinds of weepy.

42.) Some of their helicopter moms make me all kinds of grumpy.

43.) I can spot a Helicopter Mom a mile away, but Helicopter Moms can’t spot themselves if they were looking right in a mirror and the mirror declared, Yeah, you are one of those moms, lady.

44.) At the beginning of the summer, I thought going back to summer camp at 44 marked me a complete loser – after all I was newly divorced, had given up my career for 10 years to be a SAHM and wondered if I had any marketable skills whatsoever.  What I realized after nine weeks is that I’m pretty darn lucky to have met all the campers, staff and parents (even the helicopter ones) that I did, because I’m a better, stronger and more grateful  human for the experience, and everything’s going to be okay. God kinda has a clue…even with millennials.





Grace and Tees

by Priscilla on August 9, 2015

It happened to me again just the other day. I saw a woman wearing an I love my husband, t-shirt.

And it made me feel like shit.

And because I’m a thinker, I wondered why I allowed a t-shirt the power to make me to feel like shit. It’s just a t-shirt with a harmless message. It was just a nice wife saying something nice and affirming to her husband. (Although for the life of me I don’t understand why we can’t just turn to the people we love and tell them we love them to their faces. Now it has to be emblazoned across our chests and instagrammed and tweeted…but that’s just a 40 something human still trying to wrap her head around this Brave New Social Media World.)

Was it because I, too, loved a husband once, and he chose not to love me back?

Was it because I was simply snarky and jealous of this husband loving wife?

Was it because this whole divorce thing has caused me to question God –  even Its existence?

Maybe…probably. Okay, I check yes to all of the above.

But none of those answers are good enough to settle my unsettled heart, and if I’m still contemplating a harmless t-shirt a week after its brief appearance in my life, something’s up spiritually. Today, once again I cried myself through a church service where I felt like a fish out of water while a nice family with a nice mother and father and two nicely dressed sons read one of my favorite faith passages, Hebrews 11, while I sobbed faithless and alone up in the very back row of the church balcony, wondering why on earth I was still coming to church. Why was I still thinking about that damn t-shirt?

And the thought occurred to me, Could I wear a t-shirt that read, “I love my EX husband?” Because really, that’s what the Gospel boils down to, right? Love God. Love Others. All Others. Not Some Others.

Could my friends who have endured molestations and beatings wear I love my abuser. t-shirts?

Could those falsely accused, spending years in a wretched prison wear shirts that say I love our judicial system?

Could someone who’s lost a child in a car accident don a t-shirt emblazoned with I love the drunk driver who killed my kid?

And who would MAKE these shirts?

And who would MARKET these shirts?

And how would we REACT to these shirts? Let’s face it, seeing shirts like that walking around on the streets would make us feel more than a little uncomfortable. Loving someone who loves you back is easy. Loving someone who violates you or your trust is a whole other ballgame…


Grace doesn’t say roll over and take it and go back and ask, Please, sir might I have some more.

 But it does say Forgive as I have forgiven you. Love as I have loved you.

 However, Grace has no timetable. It doesn’t demand instant forgiveness and  lots of kumbayaing around the campfire together. That’s Cheap Grace to steal a term from Dietrich Bonhoeffer, someone who knew a thing or two about the giving and receiving of Grace. Cheap Grace spouts off platitudes and plays nice. It wears t-shirts that don’t make everyone feel uncomfortable.

Real Grace doesn’t roll over and play nice and appease everyone. Real Graces demands we walk through the fire, wrestle with God, live transparent lives and refuse to go quietly.

I’m not ready to wear an I love my Ex Husband t-shirt anytime soon, and if you are honest, I’m sure there’s someone, somewhere that you aren’t ready to dress up in a t-shirt for either.

So for now I cling to my belief that Grace is eternal, and God has Its own timetable, and as the poet penned the words, Twas Grace that brought me safe thus far, and Grace will lead me home, I too, am choosing to follow Grace all the way home…even if there’s no t-shirt for me.


I don’t know if I really have 44 things, but it appears that in today’s society, in order for anything to reach Buzzfeed worthy news status, a numeral must be part of the some attention grabbing title. Today I saw a blurb something along the lines of 8 Things I Won’t Do With My Vagina. To which I thought Only 8? Really? Because as I type, I’ve already come up with a list of 498 things I won’t do with my vagina. I’m pretty sure by the time I’m done with this post I’ll be up to 10,387 things which may limit my chance being swiped right on Tinder…which leads me to #1.

1.) The 20 somethings I worked with tried to convince me I needed to sign up for the Tinder App. Why not just take me back to second grade and line me up for choosing teams for dodge ball…because who doesn’t want the healthy girl?

2.) Camp still waters down the KoolAid in order to quench the thirst of 200 little kids every day (and I mean that literally not metaphorically.)

3.) Sunsets are always better over water.

blog post 1

4.) Rainy day activities don’t have to suck.

blog post -2

5.) British accents make everything sound better even if they are saying, The third toilet stall in the girls bathroom is clogged due to an enormous piece of dooky. Seriously, say it out loud. A clogged toilet isn’t a big deal anymore is it? In fact, it sounds like sunshine and rainbows.

6.) Mosquitoes are drawn to light…expecially the light in the bathrooms.

7.) Spiders are drawn to mosquitoes…especially the mosquitoes in the bathrooms.

8.) Camp bathrooms are gross thanks to the myriad of mosquitoes and spiders.

9.) Say #8 in a British accent, and you forget about the dooky filled toilets and the spiders in the showers.

10.) If you work at the same camp your kid attends, she suddenly thinks you are cool because you can hook her cabin up with cool after hours snacks and shenanigans.

blog post 11

11.) I developed a love/hate relationship with millenials.

12.) I hated them when they mocked the one article of anything I’ve found that had my name on it.

blog post 3

13.) And then I love them all over again when I’d look up and see this walking past me into the dish room. (It became a contest. Because when you are holed up together for nine weeks straight, everything becomes a contest.)

blog post 4

14.) Then they’d forget to unload the van or leave the freezer door open all night, and I’d go into this mode.

blog post -6

15.) Then one of them would snap a shot of said mode, and another would feel the need to mention that said shot wasn’t very flattering and I better not share it if I wanted to hook up on Tinder.

16.) But he said it with a British accent so he got a doughnut.

17.) I got to hang out with Peter, Paul and Mary.

blog post 7

(In case you were wondering I’m up to 2,489 things I won’t do with my vagina. Take that Buzzfeed writers.)

18.) Nothings smells as good as a campfire.

blog post 9

19.) Until you go and stick your hands in it. (He’s a millennial…go figure.)

blog post 10

20.) Camp friends are still your best friends…even 25 years later.

blog post 8

21.) The words, This is a repeat after me song, still send me screaming.

22.) So I go find my happy place and all is well again. blog post 5

I’ll be back tomorrow with Part II after I de-fungi my flip flops and scrub the smell out of mosquito repellant out of my sheets…and hang out with my dog…she’s missed me. blog post 12




To The Dimples on the Backs of My Thighs

by Priscilla on May 16, 2015

Hey there,

You seem to like me…a lot.

For the past 30 some years I’ve tried to get rid of you, and you appear not to take the hint. I’ve run miles and miles while you’ve tagged along. I’ve swum in chlorine and salt water for hours and hours, and you are always right there waiting for me whenever I yank off my cap in exhaustion. I’ve had to double and sometimes triple up on bathing suits because they’ve worn thin…but you don’t. You remain the same.

Depending on my age and life circumstances my weight and clothes size has fluctuated from 4-12 and now back to a steady 6.  I’m ok with 6. You don’t seem to notice my size or my weight though, dear Dimples on the Backs of My Thighs. I thought you’d leave and run away, but you’ll have none of that. You are faithful if nothing else.

I’m stronger now than I’ve ever been, and yet, I try to box jump, wall ball and kettle ball snatch you away, but nothing doing. I sprint. I pedal. I push press. I row. I mow. And you are with me.

Quite frankly you are becoming something like a psalm written about God. Always right there. A part of me. Not going anywhere.

And so, today I’m making my peace with you. You’ve hung around a long time so clearly you like me. Maybe it’s time I like you back. You remind me I’m human. You, along with your cousins, The Spider Veins, gently point out that I’m a woman of a certain age and with that age brings wisdom. I see you seem to like a lot of my girlfriends as well, so I’m in good company.  

I supposed I could pay someone to suck you out of my life, but that seems a bit ridiculous at this point. I mean, I think you’ve won the right to be heard. 

Someday you’ll want to meet my daughters. Like me, they may not like you much at first, but hang in there. They are stubborn like their mother. When the time comes, I’ll put in a good word for you.



A Prayer for Children of Divorce

by Priscilla on May 12, 2015

This past weekend God in His graciousness reminded me that not only do adults going through divorce hurt…so too do the children involved, and because I’m a Mom, it’s my job to stand in the gap, not just for my girls, but for all the children out there, young and old affected by divorce.

Dear God,

I’m a mom, and I’m terrified. I don’t use that word lightly, God. On the outside people see something other than what is roiling around inside of me. I heard words like strong, confident and resilient when people tell me what they see. But you see my mind and my heart. You know my innermost being, and you know…you know how angry and scared and pained I am for my daughters now that they have to now be Children of Divorce. I don’t know what to do with all of these emotions, so I’m just going to be honest with you and cry out to you on their behalf.

Dear God, please guard their eyes. Help them to recognize that everyone else and every other family has their struggles too -that what they see isn’t always what is true, and not to judge their situation by the situation of others. Open their eyes to the beauty of the world around them…for there is beauty to be seen every day. Every.Single.Day.

 Dear God, please guard their ears. Especially when in my anger and loneliness and exhaustion, I let things slip out that shouldn’t.

Dear God, please guard their mouths. Don’t let them be like me, God. Just don’t. Please.

Dear God, please guard their ears. Keep them from hearing conversations between adults that could hurt or harm them more than they already are. Give them good things to hear instead…loads of good things like music, and laughter and instruction and wisdom.

Dear God, please guard their hands. May they always be hands that do good. Always. Even when they don’t feel like it.

Dear God, please guard their feet. I can’t always be there now to guide them like I could in the past. Take them only to the places that are best for them. And when they are tempted to walk down a path that isn’t in their best interest, show them a different trail. A better one. There’s always a better one, God.

Dear God, please guard their minds. Guard them from doubt and despair and depression. I know you can use these emotions as vehicles to perfect us, just please don’t allow them to go down any path of any one emotion that they can’t handle. Instead fill their minds with HOPE. Did you see that, God? I wrote it in all caps so there’s no mistaking what I’m asking for here.

Dear God, Please guard their hearts. Repair the damage done by parents who have let them down. Fill those closed off parts that I can’t see and don’t know about with Your love -the love that transforms.

Finally, God, please guard their spirits. This world is a hard place, and this divorce has just made it a lot harder on my girls at a much younger age than I ever experienced. Don’t let this experience break them. Don’t let it set them back. Don’t let it keep them from being and doing all the great things I KNOW you have for them to Be and Do. God, never for a moment have I doubted they are here to do something BIG, but God, I just don’t know how it will happen. I’m angry…so angry because they deserve so much better than this big pile of shit that’s been dropped on them. I prayed and prayed and prayed for this family to remain intact.

And you shut the door, God. You SLAMMED it hard in my face.

 People tell me trite things like God has something better planned for you or You have to trust that God sees the whole picture, and In the end you are better off. God, can I admit something? I mean you know it anyway so I might as well say it out loud. God, when I hear those things from people who have no idea what it’s like to be walked out on, I just want to throat punch them.

Dear God, please help me not to throat punch people when I feel the urgeeven when they deserve to be throat punched.

So, God, you and I are going to wrestle. A long time. I’m going to put Jacob to shame with my wrestling skills, because all he was worried about was his brother. I’m worried about my girls, God. Daughters trump brothers any day.

 God, I know they aren’t they only ones, so I’m putting this out there for all the kids going through divorce right now. Hold them.Protect them. Guide them. Love them. Love Them.




Reality Bites….and so does lice.

by Priscilla on May 11, 2015

This past weekend I attended a fantastic fundraiser for a cause near and dear to one of my oldest and dearest friend’s heart…The Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital St. Vincent House. Her little girl is one of the stars of the video. Take a look will you?

I’d been looking forward to it for months. I’d sweated, run, Crossfitted and Paleo’ed my way into a stunning red size 6 cocktail dress for the occasion. The evening lived up to expectations as I sat with some fascinating conversationalists. Peyton Manning mastered the ceremonies, and Dierks Bentley entertained the heck out of the crowd.

Dierks Bentley

I touched his finger…or maybe I should say he touched mine. Yes, I think that’s how I’ll phrase it.

The concert’s highlight transpired when Mr. Manning materialized onstage to sing Folsom Prison Blues (very badly) with Mr. Bentley. I’d like to think Johnny himself was looking on and laughing.

I ran into my childhood neighbor and friend, Andy, whom I haven’t seen for year. As great as it was to share the room with lots of big wigs and celebrities, running into an old pal topped my evening’s pleasure.

And then the clock struck midnight. My four inch heels came off, my eyeliner smeared and my Spanx started burst at the seams. Back to reality. I woke up the next morning, canceling my breakfast plans to see one of my favorite nephews while in town in order to drive the three hours back to my girls…but not before running out for coffee…Heather’s coffee maker broke…this was a sign of things to come. Good things never happen AFTER the coffee maker breaks. 

For as I sat at the kitchen table sipping God’s Elixir, Heather’s sister who was in town to babysit for the gala announced, Your daughter, has lice. Actually, she didn’t announce it. She coaxed Heather out into the garage acting as if she had a life altering secret to reveal like a terminal illness, and there she whispered the dreaded news.

Lice! That’s all? She whispered back to her sister. I can handle lice.

Brother #1 couldn’t. Well, that’s it! Now we’ll all get it. You get lice just by being in the room with someone who has it. I can’t go in the play room now. She was just in there. Brother #1 has a touch of Frank Constanza in him.  I think he’d confused lice with biblical leprosy and might as well have marched through the neighborhood shouting Unclean! Unclean! and called the local rabbis to come perform a purifying ceremony. We tried to convince him that he was overreacting, and that this wasn’t the case, but to no avail. By the time I left, he was donning a Hazmat Suit and taping yellow quarantine tape around the perimeter of their property.

#Brother 2 opened the refrigerator door looking for something to eat.

Heather and I drove to the store where we hunted for lice treatment acting more like embarrassed teenagers looking for the condom aisle. We made eye contact with no one while circling the drug store twice before I swallowed my pride, marched to the front of the store and queried, Where are your lice treatments? and then experienced The Walk of Shame back to aisle #7. For the record, condoms are on Aisle 8. Also for the record there are approximately 4,938 kinds of lice treatments all costing $39.99 and all with directions printed in Times New Roman size .5.

We grabbed a box of lice treatment stuff and  picked up some reading glasses on our way to the front counter. As we paid the bill, we listened to another customer regale the check out girl with stories of her gifted children both of whom started talking before age one and now at the age of three her oldest’s tech company was going public the next day.

That’s fascinating. I cooed. Her kid has lice. I shared, waving a big box of lice treatment in the air. We paid and ran out.

Back home Son #2 remained in front of the open refrigerator door.

Heather can handle lice, but her daughter didn’t get the memo. Turns out like most kids, the star of the video doesn’t like to be poked and prodded much, because, let’s face it,  if the first three months of your life are spent being poked and prodded and stared at and weighed and measured and tested, you get a little testy come nit picking time.

It became clear after three seconds into the lice treatment, that since I was a Lice Expert, it would be better for everyone involved if I treated Little Sister’s lice. Twin B once discovered a louse in her hair, bagged it, did an online search and then came downstairs to announce, I have lice. (THIS is what gifted kids looks like. Not someone who jabbers away before his or her first birthday. Gifted kids discover their own head lice when their slacker mothers take no notice whatsoever).

Plus as all we moms know, we are all much nicer to our friends’ children than we are our own and vice versa. Also, it’s the least I could do as payback for getting to touch Dierk’s finger the night before.

So the three of us sat in the garage going over Little Sister’s head with a fine tooth comb, watching the neighborhood boys play basketball in the driveway. (Son #1 still gave us wary looks.) Heather and I entertained ourselves with the idea that we should start a monkey rental company, and place monkeys in cages in CVS so people can rent them to pick out the nits much like you can rent a carpet cleaner from Meijer. This would be much easier than trying to comb through a feisty seven year old’s thick blond hair. We started outside and then after 45 minutes moved inside for a change of scenery.  30 minutes later, I declared Little Sister lice free…or at least we’d see in seven days. Just to be sure, we covered her hair in hair gel and wrapped it all up in pink Saran Wrap for 20 or so minutes to smother any other signs of life.

About this time Husband #2 (Years ago Heather divorced and remarried…not a bigamist…I should probably clarify.) returned home with a brand new ski boat he’d purchased. He shared his exciting news, and we returned with ours, and then the whole family went outside to climb around in the new boat including the Son #1 in his Hazmat suit and Little Sister with pink Saran Wrap on her head. Son #2 closed the refrigerator door and headed outside to see what all the fuss was about.

At this happy family scene, I bid my adieu and made my way north to my home complete with its dandelion ridden yard, nit free (for now) children, two crabby cats and one overly excited dog.

Cinderella is back home among her people.


Twins A, B, their Thinks She’s A Triplet Friend and I pulled out of our drive way this morning, and headed to church down our quiet, idyllic street that’s coming alive with the full blooms of spring. Our neighborhood this time of  year looks like something out of a Town and Country magazine. Except for our house….our house looks like the Addams family moved in and set up shop.

Dandelion Manor

I’m trying to start a national campaign called, “All the cool kids purposefully grow dandelions in their front yards.”

We passed our neighbor’s house two doors down and much to my dismay, I saw it was covered, and I mean COVERED in toilet paper. My heart sank. Not because kids pull pranks. (Although, has the younger generation never heard of forking? Seriously, it’s much more fun. You can spell out messages. It leaves a mess owners can clean up in a snap, and bonus, someone gets a lot of free plasticware for upcoming summer fetes.) But because I know the owner is a single mom who, while a gracious, successful professional, raising beautiful, talented daughters, has walked a path similar to mine and doesn’t deserve a Mother’s Day gift such as this.

By unanimous vote, it was decided our cars’ occupants would return from church to help clean up the mess. By clean up, I mean the girls would go over with trash bags, and I would  write about it.

Ironically, the pastor’s sermon today reminded me that the phrase God helps those who help themselves isn’t found in the Bible…anywhere. Be Kind to One Another is. Along with Forgive One Another. Comfort One Another. And Encourage One Another. We aren’t supposed to do this thing called Life alone. One Another, People. One Another. 

So, while TIS in her natural impulsive state wanted to write and tweet word like dumbass, dips***s and d-bags about whoever did this to my neighbor’s house, the Good Thing She Went To Church This Morning, TIS decided it better to use this opportunity to show her kids how the whole Love Thy Neighbor thing works. Did I mention while at church, the clouds opened and poured forth rain…much rain? The kind of rain that can really discourage an owner of a  TP’ed house that much more.

So, they came home, changed, and headed down the street… Love thy neighbor

where they commenced to Love One Another.

My faith story ends with Love Wins. Sometimes folks on my team, myself included, get caught up in that final scene with all its glory and trumpets (literally) that we forget our Leader expects us to practice up with little Love Wins scenes each and every day, and tells us He isn’t coming back until we’ve spread the message of Love to everyone, everywhere.

And sometimes, that starts with our neighbors…the literal ones.